Friday, November 23, 2012

This woke me up  2:00 in the morning Nov 14, 2012.
My son's birthday, he lives in Texas, I live in France..
I was not thinking of him or of his birthday.
What I saw in my room was little lights flashing.
I turned on my Iphone video camera, using the light that comes with this phone,  I recorded this..
I did not see all this with my eyes.
Without the camera video light I could only see the orbs that are very white in this video..
My husband told me to turn off the light!!!
I asked him, "Can you see the flashing lights?"
he said, "No my eyes are closed, if  you want to see the flashing lights go to the living room,
 I want to sleep!"

so I moved to the Living room,  nothing was there.. end of story :)

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