Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have been on some ghost hunts here lately and found out a few things about me.. 

If we go somewhere looking for death we find it..
If we go somewhere looking for life we find it..
If we go somewhere looking for peace we find it..
If we go somewhere looking for shadow we find it..
But if we go looking for ourself and don't find it 
does it mean that all that looking was in vain?


If you learn nothing, that is ok; 
at least be responsible for the energy 
you bring to all space you take up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Just adding the photos Haunted Earth wrote about.  I guess I am ready to talk about it now .

make sure you look at the photo up-close in the window, you will see it can not miss it.

I did not see faces in the windows,  but I did see orbs moving around, reason why I  took the photo, some over the table and little flashing lights seem to be everywhere..  lol ...  but it was Christmas dinner so I thought it was just that . 

Two people have just passed in this house only a few months earlyer and one of the orbs had a strange like embryo looking thing in it .. it was the biggest brightest one I have ever seen.. have photos of that too.
and get this .. 4 months later I find out one of the women there is having a baby..  good thing I have this documented,   no one will ever believe that ..

this window is on the other side of the room.

I used a  filter to overlay the photo so you can see where my flash is burning  light on the metal frame work. it really brings out the face when you overlay different colors ...

Here I have cut out the 2 faces and put them side by side they are not the same face and one looks like it has nose hole .. not human at all...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Few of my videos with art work. 

God Particle 

this one was a school project most of this is computer generated
from photos and art work its called "The Garden "

This video was to test the new software I got. 
turned out nice I think.
We can only see what we  want to see.

 Flashing pin size light orbs

My thoughts on orbs.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

In reviewing some of my basment orb video i found this odd shape orb.
I have seen it before.. But not often.

Friday, November 23, 2012

This woke me up  2:00 in the morning Nov 14, 2012.
My son's birthday, he lives in Texas, I live in France..
I was not thinking of him or of his birthday.
What I saw in my room was little lights flashing.
I turned on my Iphone video camera, using the light that comes with this phone,  I recorded this..
I did not see all this with my eyes.
Without the camera video light I could only see the orbs that are very white in this video..
My husband told me to turn off the light!!!
I asked him, "Can you see the flashing lights?"
he said, "No my eyes are closed, if  you want to see the flashing lights go to the living room,
 I want to sleep!"

so I moved to the Living room,  nothing was there.. end of story :)